Systems are developed to suit your needs, respecting your requirements and offering intelligent solutions to your problems. Web applications oriented to centralize information for companies with multiple subsidiaries or divisions. We also offer development of extranets.
All these allow you to check your system from anywhere in the world, you only need an Internet connection. While on holidays, traveling on business or at home, you can check the movements of your system in real time from anywhere in the world.
Access to Internet through your company, view and modify records in the distance as if you are in your own desktop. You can use any PC with Internet access to do it. Development of systems or modules of systems for access to records from mobile devices (cell phones, smart phones, tablets, any device with Internet access).
SAMCo Hospital Rafaela
Integrated computer system of turns, statistics, billing, analysis, purchases, payments and human resources.
Digital Solutions S.A.
Quotation System PCs with importing products from Tango. Also E-Commerce website.
Esopo Mascotas
Accounting management system to veterinary with various dependencies.
Video Center Studio
Self-management system and video content to flash site, product manager and cart for Italian website. Working in partnership with Fullmedia.
System management and search of Assessments and Job specifications for Comisión Asesora Municipal del Discapacitado de Rafaela.
Hijos de Daniel Tomatis S.A.
Management System customers, sales, checkbook, iva book buying / selling and statistics.
Inteligencia Rafaela CEDI Rafaela