From the development of WAP applications, KNU Consultora Systems has developed two major solutions that integrate tools based on Strategic Management like CRM (Customer Relationship Management), MIS (Management Information System), direct marketing and Quality Management.

KNU Wap Content©, offers to the company the possibility of having access to its Website from cell phones, opening a new, massive and interactive channel of communication. The management of the database is completely self-develop, what offers you absolute independence and control over your website.

Consulting commercial timetables, services, weather conditions, catalogues of products, answer surveys of satisfaction or opinion, send comments, etc, are only some of the possibilities that this service offers to the customers.

KNU Wap Content© technology is the solution to have
KNUlog© is an Information Management System developed by KNU Consultora, which has been targeted at companies that develop their activities in the field of transportation.

Developed as a web system and with access from mobile devices based on WAP technology, KNUlog ® offers an innovative approach to identify, attract and keep the customer through organized, systematic and informed processes by a diverse and efficient communication scheme.

Designed as a software that provides greater proximity to customers, creating a successful and lasting relationship, KNUlog ® automates and manages the communication with the client through the instant and accurate information that your company offers, either about the service hired or the changes that your organization wants to know.
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